Social Media Addiction! Something You Must Avoid.

I’ve been asked why i seem a bit more clinical
recently. Truth is, I’ve always been.
I feel its about time we faced some mentocentric
issues squarely.

I’ve heard a plenty number of times that its cliché
already: Don’t live life on social media, its not real,
don’t show off here, media is fake, etcetera…
Well,… and that’s a mighty big well, i really don’t
seem to totally buy that candy.
Social hype can be fleeting and really really wack,

People may appear far less rich, far less beautiful
and far less fluent in reality than online, yea: but
that’s what really makes it work.
A little research maybe,
In 480BC, a Pre-Socratic Empiricist, Heraclitus
listed the vital constants that man needs to survive.
No man is an island and none need be.
Amongst his ideals was a very vital one-
I’ve hit on this before.

Acceptance is so so vital for every creature. Dogs,
cats, pigs, birds and most of all humans need to be
accepted by their immediate environment.
Infact, i recall in a certain chapter in Charles
Darwin’s Book: On The Origin of Species, he said

that acceptance was a crucial part of natural
selection! I couldn’t but agree with that thesis!
Back to the social world. I did a social media 50-
man questionnaire immediately i was done with
exams and midway compiling results, i was
convinced more than ever that the three main
reasons people talk in large extents about things
that relate to them on social media are:
1. To be accepted.
2. To be further accepted.
3. To be furthest accepted.
Funny but true!
If you’re at this point, i hope you are on my side
Mr A gets late to work, is shouted at by his boss.
He tries to work but he is disoriented all day.
He ends the day at home, tired and unproductive…
Ms B grew up as an only child, no sibling to play
with. She has everything but still needs company…
Mr C has been a total pauper all his life. His parents
died just before he hit it big. Now he has a bit of
cash… Who should he celebrate with?
Mr D is a wannabe star, he feels he got the
potentials to be the next rated in his chosen career.
But nobody seems to think so. Whats next then?
Mr E has it all, he buys it when he sees it. His wallet
leaks more than a tap. How can he tell the outside
world that he has arrived?
All of these guys however good or bad their motives
are, have one thing in common as do we all who
ever clicked on the sign up button.
They and indeed we need to be accepted.
Trust me when i say all the show off isn’t really
showing off.
Its just a Please-accept-me-plea.
So next time, don’t wonder where in Calabar the
guy managed to find the weed that made him sing
like that on Project Fame, or wonder if the girl
posting naked pictures got a bit of brain damage
from eating too much dankuya soaked in Alomo

Those lovely people just want to be accepted.
If a girl knows that she can get you to notice her
without her clothes off, she’d not have a reason to
take them off.
If a guy knows you will be his friend even if he does
not have money to buy your toilet soap, he’d think
thrice before going to visit Nwanyi-Asaba or go to
Ghana for Priestess Nana or wherever they go now.
So next time a not too good looking person posts,
read, comment, get excited.
It might mean nothing to you.
It means all to them.
Make them feel accepted!
Social Media is not fake, it is real, it is almost realer
than reality.
To you dear poster, post on. If you buy a car, put it,
you marry or born, put am hia!
You travel comot this naija, upload ni! You build
house, oya purrit!
We would be glad to share in your joy!
P. S.

Those of us saying social media ain’t real, do you
know how so many of us found love, friendship,
mentorship, jobs here on social media, biko if its not
real, i like fantasies ooo.
I pray you accept this! 

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