55yrs Old Man Seeks Divorce Over Wife’s Seizure Of Car Key

A 55-year-old businessman, Shola
Akande, approached an Igando Customary Court
in Lagos State on Wednesday seeking to end his
13-year-old marriage to his wife, Omolade,
because she seized his car key.

“My wife seized my car key; she was claiming I
bought a car for a girlfriend.
“I begged her to give me my car key; she
refused, her family intervened by pleading with
her to release the car key to me but their plea fell
on deaf ears,” he said.

He said that his wife, Omolade, used to fight him a
lot, adding that she had turned his clothes to rags
as she used to tear them whenever she was
fighting him.

“My wife derived pleasure in tearing my clothes
whenever she was fighting me, there was a day
she tore my clothes in the presence of her
father,” he said.

The embittered husband also accused his wife of
stealing his money all the time.
“My wife stole my money in the house and also
burgled my office where she stole all the money
in my drawer,” he said.
Shola said that his wife always accused him of
infidelity, saying; “anytime my wife sees me with
any woman, she will be fighting and accusing me
of dating them.
“I am a businessman, I sell land, and both men
and women come or call to buy land or building
from me.

“My wife once seized my phones after I received
a call; when she thought I was talking to a
woman,” he said.
Akande told the court that his wife had no respect
for him and even for her father.
“My wife does not respect me nor her father,
anytime her father invites her over to his place to
settle our fight or advice her, she will not listen.
“Due of her stubbornness, her father once
advised me to seek dissolution of the marriage,”
he said.

He, therefore, begged the court to dissolve his 13
year-old marriage which had not produced any
child, saying he did not love her anymore.
“Please terminate the marriage that had nothing
to show for both now and the future,” he begged
the court.

However, Omolade, 45, said that she seized her
husband’s car key because he refused to pay her
the money he borrowed from her.
But he had money to buy a car for a girl, she

“I was not happy when I heard that my husband
bought a car for a girl while he still owes me
N220, 000.
“If he pays me my money, I will release his key,”
she said.

Omolade, a businesswoman, accused her
husband of always drinking to stupor, adding that
whenever she scolded him, he would turn it to a
“My husband always comes home around 1:00
a.m., drunk and whenever I cautioned him, he
fights me,” she said.
She, however, denied stealing her husband’s
money and lamented that he used to call her a
barren woman.
“My husband always calls me a barren woman
but I had three children during the 13 years of our
marriage, but they all died,” she said.

The respondent begged the court not to grant her
husband’s wish that she still love him.
The court president, Mr Adegboyega Omilola,
ordered the respondent to release the petitioner’s
car key within one hour. 

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