Life is totally meaningless. We live. We die. So what’s the point?

The meaning of life is to create heaven on
earth. None of us know what will happen when we
breathe out our last breath and we walk
through the big blue door into whatever
lies beyond. For ever and ever. I find that,
to say the least, unspeakably and all-
encompassingly TERRIFYING.

The meaning of my life, as far as I’m
concerned, is to do whatever I can to
contribute towards bringing humanity and
science to a point where there is no disease,
no death , no hunger , no poverty , no
recessions, no environmental
destruction .

Maybe we’ll never get to the point where
science is advanced enough and political
cadres progressive enough to bring about
highly advanced, zero-footprint
agricultural systems , perfectly automated
economic systems, perfectly automated
medical care and perfectly automated

Still, the possibility that every human being
could have abundant food, excellent
medical care and comprehensive education
at zero cost to anyone is just too massively
rewarding to ignore.

Source: Quora 

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