How would you summarize the purpose of life in one sentence?

Play the games you want to play before
the game that is your life, comes to an

Life is a game, filled tons of mini games.
There’s the survival game – where the only
objective is to stay alive.

There are career games, I’m playing the
comedian game. Others are playing the
doctor game. Some are playing the
McDonald game.

If you don’t like the career game you’re
playing, spend time getting good at another
game in your free time and when you get
good enough to turn pro, quit and start
playing somewhere else.
When we are tourist we play the “How
many landmarks can we take pictures next
to before our plane takes off” game.

When we are in a boring, stale,
relationship, we play the “How many
movies can we watch together before we
realize we’re incompatible” game.
Like games, the games we play require skill
and luck. Some games require more skill
than luck – careers like coding and
engineering. Other careers are almost all
luck, like Hollywood actors and actresses.
But in the end – your life is game.

You can learn the rules to stay alive, you
strategize and thrive, but always remember
that you’re a featherless two legged
creature born between urine and feces that
will one day be the culinary delight of
terrestrial worms.

Source: Quora 

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