Black Women Are Too Sexy To Rock Bikinis Like White Women – Nollywood Actress

Patience Erdoo Yisa came to Nollywood a couple
of years ago after having tasted a bit of a limelight
as Miss Glo Rock and Rule and Miss Culture and
Tourism Benue State in 2013. The tall Benue
State-born actress would tell you she has been
lucky in her craft as the dirty water of the movie
world has not flowed her way.

Determined and passionate, Patience is ready to
go the distance and take up any role pushed her
way. In a chat with Potpourri , she reveals those
things she can do as far as going the extra mile
in interpreting her role is concerned. Like many of
our actresses, going nude is out of the question
for her but wearing bikinis, according to her, is
right up her alley.

Black Woman On Bikini

“To me, I don’t think a bikini should be
provocative, a bikini is like normal beachwear; it
is we, that see it as something so big. I’ve
watched so many foreign movies where you see
them when they are dressing up but we cannot
do it here because we tend to gain so much
weight and more so, we’re hotter than them’, she
“If a Nigerian actress were to go nude, it would
cause a lot of commotion because we have this
hot body that they don’t have. An example is, if
Mercy Johnson wears a bikini and Angelina Jolie
wears a bikini, who would you be looking at? We
don’t necessarily need to show off all that much
to look as hot as they want it to be, like in our
movies,” she added. 

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