A poor man should seek money instead of wife – Actress

Black and beautiful Nollywood actress, Bolaji
Ogunmola, certainly has ideas about what she
wants and how she wants it. Unlike many women
who are confused as to the kind of men they
want, Bolaji, who participated in the 2013 Next
Movie Star Academy and exited because of her
no-nonsense nature, knows for sure a poor can
never make her list.

Speaking with Potpourri on marriage and love, the
black beauty emphatically affirmed that she
cannot marry a poor man, saying a man that is
poor should be searching for money not a wife.
“Relationships are about responsibility. A man
can’t have all the qualities of a good man and be
poor. A woman should not date or marry a man
who cannot be responsible for her. It goes both
ways anyways. It’s better to be single than
cutting corners in a relationship. If a man has all
the prospects but poor, then his goal at that time
should be finding money and not a woman. If you
can’t take care of your partner, then the
relationship is faulty,” she said.

And added : “I am single but not searching. I am
independent and working hard to make money”. 

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