Sisters Please Don’t Be Gold Diggers

Many of you out there expect to have a perfect
home or what I’ll call a readymade happiness
somewhere. But one thing you’ve failed to
understand is that nothing good comes without the
sweat of a man.

“My husband will have cars, big house and all the
chores will be taken care of by the maids”.
And so you’ll begin to look for cars to take you on a ride, from rides to the bed and from the bed, you
start picturing yourself living in the mansion, owning
the car and being the General manager of the home.

Yes naa, You just want to walk into a furnished
home, sit your ass down and eat all the good and
groceries, watch TV, wear good clothes and ride the
cars and call your self a human.

Maybe you’ve forgotten that behind every
successful man is a woman. But if you’ve forgotten,
I’ll have you understand that he didn’t acquire such
wealth without the presence of a woman in his life.
That home you’re looking at is another woman’s
right my dear. Its not yours.

If he’s rich right now, just remember there must
have been someone with him in his days of Drinking
Garri and Groundnut. If he’s rich today, its probably
the supports and prayers of one special lady that
got him there.
She must have been there during his trying times
and would definitely be back to claim her block. So
don’t just go there and sit and begin to assume
you’re the boss lady cos the real boss will come
and kick your ass of the crib.

Make your own happiness. If you don’t know how
to, I’ll teach you.

That guy you love so much that has no money but
has a good and bright future, why not bear with
him? What would be so wrong to pray and always
encourage him?
Do you not know that he will definitely not forget
your role in his life in the nearest future?
Come in aunty. Don’t carry your ass to a place
where you’ll be labelled “A Gold digger”, make your
own goldmine and live to enjoy the royalties that

I’ve seen ladies in pain. They’re in pain not cos
they’re hungry or have no good clothes, cars, good
account balance. They’re in pain cos they live in a
place where they’re constantly reminded of the cost
of the chair they sit on, the TV they watch, the
spoon they use in eating and the price of the car
they drive.
They’ve practically become price tags instead of
the woman or wife they ought to be.
Do not make your self a price tag. Build your own
empire with your man and enjoy the benefits of

This is of course if you still have some atom of co
science left in you anyways. 

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