“African Man Time” And How It Affected Me As A Lecturer In The US

So i knew I had an early morning class, it was my
2nd lecture and today I felt a little of a Nigerian
even though I’ve spent a month here.

Just about 3 minutes after 8, I drove off to the
campus, got to the department and headed to the

I glanced at my wrist watch, I was over 14 minutes
late “it wouldn’t matter” I thought within me.
So I got to the department and plugged in my
access card to screen me in.

To my greatest surprise, I was shut off. The
security door refused to let me into the class.
I was supposed to teach these kids today but I was
late. Back in Nigeria, we believed in “Africa Man’s

A phenomenon where a lecturer can walk into the
class any time he likes even though he’s hours late.
Back in Nigeria, we do things as we like and these
were the traits I took along with me.
So I went to lay complain and the information I got
shocked me…

” You have to be prompt and punctual else the
security system won’t let you in”, the white headed
man said as he nod his head.
Trying to digest this, I got to understand the door is
programmed to let me in on or before my lecture
time. Once its a minute passed the time, I’m never
gonna get access to the class.
And that is how I changed from my Africa man time

When you leave the shores of Nigeria, everything
Nigerian will leave you alone unless you’ll always
want to get into trouble.…

You have to always discipline yourself in order to be
able to fit in any society you find yourself.
Some of the mentality we have as Nigerians are the sole reason why we get into trouble overseas.

Africa man time as they call it is one very thing I
hate about my fellow Nigerians that’s why each time
I have an appointment, its its by 8AM, I try to get
there at leats 15 minutes before time.

You see Nigerians turn their stereo up as they wish,
they blast their horn as they wish and they do
almost everything as it pleases them simply
because everything about us is haphazard.
And that’s how I missed my my lecture that day… 

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