Flirting At The Expense Of Your Marital Happiness

It was such a beautiful evening, our breaths
seriously against each other, I moaned like never
before and with in time, she reached a climax and
we set off after the 3rd round.

And that’s how me made our first love as lovers. We
worked in the same organization, we shared almost
the same rules and did the same tasks, she is my
boss, I’m her subordinate.

After this I went home with a lot of anger, I knocked
at the door and a few moments passed, she finally
came to open the door. I entered.

“Welcome my dear”, she opened her arms for a
welcoming hug, I brushed those off, went straight to
our room, undressed and set off for a shower.
After shower, dinner was served. I ate as my belly
could carry, watched # BBNaija afterwards and off
to bed.

It was about 12:43am when she curled up to me,
she needed some good time but the thing is I’m
tired from the acrobatic moves I got from Lynda.
And SK no show for my wife.

” Oh my dear, please I had a very hectic day at the
office today, I’m very weak and tired”
I understood what it felt like to be rejected back
when I was younger and I know she must be feeling
the same way now. But that’s her cup of tea

This continued for a couple months and I could
swear my wife got tired of begging for a good time.
Lynda would always demand for the good time
meant for my wife and after a while, I got so used to
Lynda that I can’t even remember what my wife’s
moaning sounds like any more.
Exactly 3 months since the last time we made love,
she never failed her daily routine as a wife and I’ve
never complained of a thing.

A week later, there was a little rift at the office as
some staffs were transfered to other branches
around the country and Lynda was shortlisted.
I sat thinking for several hours. She’ll be working 4
states away from my the branch and that was
enough trauma for me. We talked about it, but she
said I shouldn’t worry, she’ll always make out time
for me during the weekend.

I agreed, the following week, she moved.

Called to check on her and yes,she was safe. Set
off for home.

Days passed, called Lynda’s line but she wouldn’t
pick up, text her, she wouldn’t reply, WhatsApp her,
she replies with “OK” regardless of the words I sent

What is going on?
Now I got home, it was 8 days now without sex, at
about 10:15Pm, I reached out to my wife.
Instead of a good response, she threw her self
closer to the other side of the bed.
I called her name, got a hiss as an answer, touched
her, she withdrew herself and finally got up and
headed to the living room.
That’s how she slept on the couch for the rest of
the night. This continued for days and then I
realized I’d lost her. I had in my selfish Interest and
list for my boss, lost my beautiful wife.

Later that week, I heard Lynda now goes on dates
with out General Overseer, I called her, her line was
off. WhatsApp nko? She block me, since her line is
off, she wouldn’t receive texts also.
And that’s how I lost the love of my wife. I still leave
in regrets till date cos everything about my wife
changed. She’d managed to discover of my flirt with
Lynda and since then its not been easy.
She keeps late nights and does the chores as she
pleases. She also keeps several male friends and
goes out whenever she feels like it.

Don’t let a short time pleasure deprive you of the
beautiful home you’ve spent hearts to build.
This is for the married folks on my list and those
with fiances and lovers.
Do not use your own hands to bring marital
headache upon yourself.
Thank you for reading. 

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