Dear Parents, Teach Us Sex Education

So you keep a strict watch over your kids and
make sure they’re indoors every now and then abi? You lock them up and prohibit them from going to
your neighbor’s house abi?

You filter the TV programs and activate parental
guide on it so they won’t watch movies rated 18
abi… You’re doing a good thing ma, you’re doing a good
thing sir. But do not forget there are schools and
there are break periods or recess as people wen go school dey call am.

Do not also forget that there are wild kids in the
classes where your kids learn also.
Listen sir…

That thing you’re trying to hide away from your child may end up being the thing she’ll love most.
Yes, when you’ve refused to teach her the
importance of her vagina, how to use it and when to use it, who it’s meant for and the right time to use
it, the consequences of using it wrongly and the bad
places to avoid as a young lady,
When you’ve refused to teach him how to use his
dick, when to use it and the right time to use it, you
spell nothing but confusion for him or her.
All I am saying is that. Instead of bidding the truth
from your kids in the name of “Don’t want to corrupt
their minds with sex” be mother enough to discuss
it with them.

Do you know why?
The moment that daughter of yours learns that thing
from her friends and finally finds a sweet boy to
practicalize or demonstrate it with. You’ll hardly be
able to convince her or turn her off from it.
Once your son Bryan comes to understand that his
big cassava is the koko for the girls, he will use it
any how and before you know it, he will start
looking at a girl’s skirt even in the church. He will
also start looking for how to do that thing and may
begin to join his rugged friends on the hunt for fine
Go now, make out time to teach your son, daughter.

Give them what people wen go school dey call “Sex
Education”. They’re supposed to learn this from
Home economics or integrated or basic science but
it’ll make more meaning if you taught them first.
No wonder these girls or Pastor’s daughters find it
hard to leave Prick Alone the moment they get a
taste of it. They keep sneaking upandan to go and
have a bite and before you know it, concoction
follows and before you know it, someone will be
rushed to the school hospital and before you know
it, Emeka will disappear.

Me I have talk my own oo.
Go and teach your pikin now.
Make sure she/he holds the ear
As you explain everything. 

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