Why public education failed the country .- Seun Feyisetan

Mrs. Seun Feyisetan is the Public Relations
Officer, Edidot Schools. In this interview, she
speaks on the establishment of private school as
a means to complement public education. She
also reveals the success stories of the school.

Creation of private school?
The reasons for private participation in the
establishment of school at whatever levels of the
educational system in Nigeria are not farfetched.
The fact that qualitative education is important
and should not be compromised prompted the
need for private schools in Nigeria educational

Issues that affect the performance of education
are issues of concern to families, communities,
local, states and federal governments.
Governments at all the levels in Nigeria are seen
to be helplessly watching public structures and
institutions collapsing and some in a dangerous
state of coma with little or no hope of being

Providing admissions to many teeming applicants
seeking admissions on a yearly basis (many
Nigerians who can afford the fees they charge
have been relieved in this area)
Restoring and sustaining quality (not because
they have qualified staff in the right proportions
but that they ensure what is to be done be done
rightly and at the right time)
Another area is restoring and sustaining
discipline (among staff and students because
they have they will power to do so added to the
fact that they don’t want their investment to
Effective monitoring and supervision of academic
activities (the presence of the proprietor is
regularly felt)
Another aspect is running stable academic
calendar which has rarely go on strike.
Demanding staff dedication and seriousness to
duties. Discouraging examination malpractice,
producing students that are globally competitive.
All these are the reasons for the creation of
private school.

The roles that private schools play in rescuing the
battered image of education in Nigeria are very
highly commendable but there are some issues
that are really retarding or staining these good
efforts and these issues need to be addressed.
Due to Nigeria’s developmental challenges, public
education its theory and lots of parents are losing
confidence in the public education, hence, the
need for private school. In the last twelve years,
private schools have been tremendously
wonderful and that is what is giving kids good

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