Guys Is It Wrong For A Man/Guy To Wash Plates In Their Homes

I’ve just heard my Neighbor make one of the most
stupid statements of all time.

He said “Why would I wash the plates? It is the duty
of my wife, it one of the major reasons why I
married her”

My people, instantly I felt like slapping the black off
his head. I wonder who taught him to wash plate Is
the duty of a woman.

Washing of plates, sweeping of the house and other
chores are not designated to one partner at all.
I wonder what his home used to be like when he
was single, I began to wonder if he called in girls to
come and wash his clothes on weekends. And if he
did, I wonder the foolish girl that would go all that far
just to please him.

As a single man, I make sure I cook my own meals,
I do my laundry and shop for my own groceries.
This way, I have come to understand the
importance of a woman in the home. I’m sure I’ll
still continue these when I finally tie the knots with
one of the most luckiest ladies out there.
I will never be this type of man because Mrs
Nwachukwu Made sure I do extra when I was
younger. She made me cook as a boy, go to the
market to shop the necessary items needed to
make any kind of food.

I still do these anyways.
It was a home where all males cooked and so when
mummy finds the chance to handle the cooking, I
stood by to record, capture and digest all she did.
I’m certain that males with this mindset are those
raised with the same culture. Some males are not
even allowed to touch anything in the kitchen and
so when they marry, their wife becomes the house
girl of the home.

Parents should abolish this method of child raising
and teach the boys the right thing.
Raise your boys well, if for nothing at all, make
them understand how to do the simple chores at
home, teach them how to cook so that in the future,
no woman would ever make iyanga for them.
I had to post this because I know he’s got 2 boys
already, and he’ll infuse this barbaric believe into
them thereby raising lazy young men
A woman is not a slave, so teach a man how to
take up chores in the home and raise a better man
for tomorrow 

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