Nigeria: This is where Injustice and Oppression has come to stay.

A few months ago, I heard, we heard a young boy
was burnt to ashes for stealing some grain of Garri,
yes the same garri that sells for #900 per rubber.

Yet he was burnt and lynched to death.
Another guy was burnt in warri simply because he
stole a handbag, come and see where these
vulcanizers magically presented tyres. It was a time
when petrol was like gold but coman see where
these same Nigerians crying for fuel scarcity
brought out petrol just to born this man alive. That
handbag will not sell more than #12,000 in Igbudu
market and whatever its content, would not be
enough to buy a human life

A Lady was stripped for stealing chicken
somewhere in the country, I have forgotten the
location but I know it was published on Gossipmill.
Chicken cannot sell up to #10,000 except its got
gold on its legs.

Now we have the real thieves. These are the Oloshi,
the Barawo and the Ndi Oshi in our country.
This one in the name of # YakubuAndrew a stole a
whole £74,000, Another popular thief in the name of
# Diezani has been busted again. This time its so
huge I dont even think $37,300,000 is correct.

Now these are enough to raise young chaps from
my country Nigeria, I would need less than
#320,000 for my Masters Program, someone in AIT
cries for #5,000,000 for kidney transplant in India.
A family is starving this morning because they
cannot afford #900 for a rubber of Garri, Uche has
been home for a whole term because his parents
cannot afford #3200 needed for his fees.

What about Yusuf? Yusuf is about to miss his
chances of being a medical doctor because his
parents are peasant farmer and cannot afford his
Jamb fees.
My people, how many I wan count? Which one I go
leave? How many tears I go shed? Which sin we
Make una bring una tyre ooo
Make una bring una lynching skills
Sharpen your cutlass because we’ve got heads to
Its time we change things in this country.
Let these funds be used for those who need it most.

I don’t even have a job, but if DSC was functional,
I’m sure a slot will get to me. If other industries
were built with these hidden funds, I’m sure so
many youths will not roam the streets looking for
what to steal.
This is injustice cos we lynch the innocent and
celebrate the thieves among us. Its injustice
because our leaders deny many the right to a better
life by stealing the funds made for them and bidding
it away in a swissBank.

May our Chi help us all in this country. 

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