If You Are Married And Still Cheat On Your Partner, Please Answer These Questions

1. What style of sex does that intruder offer that
your wife/husband doesn’t give you?

2. Does it mean you didn’t look at your partner very
closely observe him/her before you proposed to
her or accepted his marriage proposal?

3. Now if things changed, if you exhaust the source
of the money you spend on this intruder, if your
pocket went dry, would she still be there to offer
that thing you’re deing for?

4. This your so-called intruder or the lady/man with
whom you’re committing this extramarital affair is
probably more beautiful/Handsome than your wife

5. If after you as the cheating man comes back
home only to find one bobo on top of your wife, how
will you feel?

6. Your wife is the mother of your children, your
unborn generation, so aside from the sex you get
from this intruder, what other important thing has
she got to offer?

If after 3 minutes you’re still unable to answer
these questions, then what you’re doing is wrong.
Desist from extramarital affairs and let those boobs
of your wife toxicate you, let her moaning be the
only one you’ll be used to.


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