2face Cancels February 6th Anti-Government Protest

Popular music star, Innocent Idibia a.k.a 2face,
has backed out of the planned nationwide protest,
announcing its cancellation 24 hours to the return
and resumption of office by President
Muhammadu Buhari.

The African Queen crooner announced the
cancellation of the protest via his Instagram page,
Official2baba on Saturday evening.

In the video clip, 2face said, “Dear Nigerians,
after due consultations, it has become clear that
the #OneVoice Nigerian protest scheduled to hold
in Lagos and Abuja on Monday the 6 of
February is under serious threat of hijack by
interests not aligned with our ideals. The point
and intent am making is not worth the life of any

“It is a fact motivated by the need to demand a
better deal for the ordinary Nigerian.”
“I therefore announce the cancellation of the
planned protest. We will share further information
in due course… I appreciate the massive support
and I am convinced that our voices have been
“May God bless you all and may God bless
Nigeria,” 2face concluded..

Recall that 2face had, a few weeks ago, called on
Nigerians to join him in a nationwide protest
against what he described as the
unfavourable policies implemented by President
Muhammadu Buhari-led administration which
have brought the Nigerian economy to its knees.
The protest which was initially slated to hold on
the 5th of February 2017 was later shifted to
Tomorrow 6th so that it would coincide with the
resumption day of President Buhari who has been
on a 10-day working leave in London.

However, in what seemed like giving in to
pressures from the APC-led Federal Government,
2face succumbed to shelving the planned protest
after the Presidency and the Lagos state
Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni had
pleaded and even “threatened to arrest him”
should he continue with the planned protest.

Specifically, the Senior Special Assistant to
President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi
Adesina had, while playing host in an interview
with Lagos Talk 91.3fm, described the planned
protest as coming from disgruntled people still
living under the defeat mode of the 2015 election.

He had said thus:“This is a country of about 180
million people. It is impossible for 180 million
people to think the same way. Yoruba has a
saying that if you all sleep and put your head in
the same direction, then you are all foolish
because you would be breathing in one another’s
mouth and lungs.”

“Don’t forget the last election and how it went.
Somebody scored 12.5 million votes, another
scored about 15 million votes. There are some
people who are still in that election mode. They
have not gotten out of it and till today, they are
still living and ‘rheumatisizing’ about the past.”

“What they don’t know is that that past is gone
and gone forever. Majority of those calling for the
protest are still in election mode. Majority of them
are people that have resolved not to see anything
good in this administration simply because the
man they wanted lost at the polls.”

Similarly, Buhari’s spokesperson on electronic
media, Mrs. Lauretta Onochie had also called the
African Queen crooner to come to a national TV
and explain his “beef” with Buhari instead of
going on national newspapers.

According to her, “Nigerians would like 2Baba to
explain the policies that he’s not happy with on
National LIVE TV, as well as proffer alternative
economic policies that would better serve all
Nigerians. Not on newspapers that could have
been written by anyone.”

“That way, Nigerians will know it’s entirely his
idea, that he understands what he’s doing, and
acting in the interest of all Nigerians. Otherwise,
we might assume that the protest is for those
who miss the heist that happened under You
know who. Nigerians are waiting. Thank you Sir,”
she had said.

In support of the two above, the Lagos state
police commissioner, Owoseni had threatened to
stop or even arrest the crooner on the pretext
that the force had gotten an intelligence report
that some hoodlums equally planned on hijacking
the protest to cause mayhem.”
He had said: “Information reaching us revealed
that some hoodlums are planning to hijack the
peaceful protest and at such, we won’t allow it to
hold in Lagos.” He said: “Information reaching us
revealed that some hoodlums are planning to
hijack the peaceful protest and at such, we won’t
allow it to hold in Lagos.”
“We know that Tuface does not have the capacity
to contain such a crowd and we will not fold our
hands and watch while things go out of hand,”
Owoseni said.
According to him, “no matter how good an
intention is, hoodlums would always find a way to
harass, rob and attack innocent members of the
public who may wish to go about their lawful

However, despite the threat, the pop artiste had
vowed to go ahead with the peaceful protest
especially as many stakeholders had equally
voiced support for the protest.
Fayose, Adegboruwa, Ex-millitants react Reacting
Voicing his support for the protest and
condemning the Lagos state Commissioner’s
threat, the Ekiti state Governor, Ayodele Fayose
had reminded Mr. Owoseni that “the duty of the
police to secure Nigerians is mandatory, not
optional. Therefore, if there is any intelligence
report suggesting the possibility of criminals
hijacking the process, it is the duty of the police
to provide security cover for the protesters.”
Fayos had voiced his support for the planned
protest by saying, “Like I said before, I support
the protest.” “Nigerians are hungry and angry,
our currency is now above N500 to $1. If
Nigerians want to show their anger, no one should
prevent them. Nepotism, extra judicial killings,
disobedience to court order and human rights
abuses must stop.”

“The conscience is an open wound and the guilty
is afraid. If the APC-led Federal Government is
now acting as if the protest is against it, it means
the federal government has accepted to be guilty
as charged.”
“Most importantly, the protest is said to be for
and about good governance. So who is afraid of
the protest? Who does the police represent or is
representing in this issue?”
Reacting also, a lawyer and human rights activist,
Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa had equally voiced support
for the protest saying, “this is not a rally by
miscreants or thugs as to warrant the fears being
expressed by the police commissioner. The
statutory duty of the police is to offer us
protection on Monday and help to maintain
orderliness, throughout the period of the rally. So
come rain or shine, we shall hold the rally on
Similarly, the Niger Delta ex militants had also
vowed to participate in the protest saying, “we
the Niger Delta ex-agitators are fully in support of
the 2face Idibia-led nationwide mass protest
against economic hardship and severe hunger in
the country. The federal government seemed to
have no immediate measures to cushion plights of
the suffering masses and we are ready for the
But Saturday’s volte face by the pop star was a
thunderbolt to many, especially those who had
been warming up to partake in the planned
protest.  While some saw an angle of inducement
from the APC-led federal government, others saw
a case of outright “chickening-out.”
Some, who have commented their
dissappointments in 2face’s u-turn in the
comment section of the published video, despite
his reasons for cancelling the protest, said he
would never be regarded highly again in Nigeria
for agitating their minds only to back out just
hours before the show.
For instance, a commenter, WisdomWisdom1 said
thus: ”how much were you paid to cancel? I know
this is just game and drama to some back door
round table discussions to name your price, get
paid and come out with this fairy tale excuses of
security…o boy!! you cant fool me.. I know the
game and you played it well, using the masses.
so when are you jetting out to Dubai or uk to
offload the account?”
Another, @Jyde1305 said, “WTF!?! You get people
fired up to protest and then you chicken out!!!”
“This must be d stunt of ds millennium The guy
knew, ab initio. He just put to test, d level of
gullibility of Nigerians.”
GANI said, “How did we take an Agatu man
seriously in the first place? A “social crusader”
shelves rally against hunger and failure of
government in the “interests of masses.” The
danger of hunger, herdsmen, inflation confronting
the common man on a daily, hourly and real-time
basis does not comparable to the danger of rally
for liberation. I think I should just apologize to
And yet another person, Uchebravo said, “Na wa
is terrible or is there anything discussed at the
back. Why will u start what u know u can’t finish.
God is watching. One day God will surely raise
somebody that will champion the course of the
lowly. No thanks.”
But the comments are not all against 2face as
others saw reasons with him.
For instance, SylvesterDaniel wrote, “I know he
made the announcement under duress. We will
keep protesting here online until the world hear
our voice. shame on Nigerian police. I am
disappointed in Nigerian police. they are simply
tools of mass suppression in the hand of cabal
And more Nigerians are still stating their views on
the cancellation of the protest by 2face. 

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