2face Idibia: Our Government Is Too Expensive

Afro-Pop artist 2Face called on his fans Tuesday
to march next week against the government and
its handling of the country’s economic crisis.

In a video on his Facebook account, which racked
up more than 21,000 views after just an hour, the
singer urged his compatriots to stand up in a
“peaceful and articulate manner”.

“The need for urgent solutions to the challenges
facing Nigerians has become very clear,” 2Face,
whose real name is Innocent Ujah Idibia, said in
the video.

“Things are not getting better for the majority, we
are still where we are, poor and desperate. I will
no longer be quiet.”

It’s unusual in Nigeria for a celebrity to take such
a vocal political position.
But when 2Face floated the idea of a protest
earlier this month the idea quickly gained traction
in a country frustrated by a galloping inflation rate
and sluggish growth.

The march is planned on Monday, February 6 at
the National Stadium in the economic capital,
“It’s crazy, we didn’t have a clue this would
happen,” Efe Omorogbe, 2Face’s manager, told
AFP. “It was very spontaneous, we didn’t plan it.”
Celebrities including music heavyweight Davido
have backed 2Face’s call for action in a radical
departure from their usual pop lyrics about luxury
cars, champagne and pretty girls.

Social networks are often used in Africa to launch
protests. In Nigeria, 16 million people connected
to Facebook each month, according to the social

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