Things Your Boyfriend Should Be Telling You

1. I adore you. This isn’t about sex; this isn’t
about desire. This is about how you make me
glow whenever you walk into a room, glad
that you just exist, whether I’m the guy
beside you or just someone admiring you
from twenty feet away.

2. You inspire me. I love how you’re living
your life, what you’re devoting yourself to,
how you’re spending your time, what path
you’ve chosen, how you deal with the people
around you.

3. I respect you. You’re the first person I
think of when I want a serious opinion on
something. Anything. From topics like “Am I
being an asshole here?” to “Which is better,
Mad Men or Breaking Bad?”

4. I just love kissing you. Okay, so, years
from now, if by some awful paragliding
accident we both end up paralyzed and have
no use of our lower extremities and can
never get it on again, I’ll still feel pretty good
about it as long as I can just kiss you as much
as I want.

5. I don’t want to change you. Yes, there are
some things about you that I don’t get. That I
don’t love. But you’re you. And all the other
stuff that comes with you, I would never
want to lose. So I don’t want to disturb the
equation. I want to keep it intact. And just
help it grow.


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