Basic things a Nigerian girl will do if she does not like you

As pretty as Nigerian girls are, there are some
things you need to know about them. Nigerians
generally have their way of doing things; if a
Nigerian lady does not like you, then you should
watch out for the tips that will be shared here.
Sharing this is relevant since most people know the
signs to watch out for when they want to know if a
lady is into them or not. They know the test they
should run in order to be sure the girls are into
In as much as you know when a Nigerian girl is
giving you the green light, you should know the
things she is most likely to do if she does not fancy
you. You can save yourself the stress and
embarrassment of being a sissy simply because
you keep tagging along when she obviously does
not want to see you.

Find below some of the things a Nigerian girl will do
if she does not like you :

1. She frustrates you before giving you her number

If a girl is totally into you, she will be willing to give
you her number as soon as you ask her for it. But if
she figures out you will be one of those pesky guys
around, she will give you a tough time before she
lets you have it.
It is at this point you get to know that she has lots
of principles as she will give you enough reasons
why giving you her number is an offence.

2. She gives you a wrong number

If a Nigerian girl does not like you, she may not let
you be on your own. She may frustrate you by
giving you a wrong number; if she is one of those
mean ones, she may divert your calls to some
number and drive you crazy.
She is most likely to blame it on the networks and
service provider. Do not let her turn you into some
sport. Know this sign and cut lose in time.

3. She does not pick your calls

Another way you can get to know how a Nigerian
lady feels about you is through her response to
you. If she makes it a habit to pick your call on the
first ring, then she is into you.
But in a situation whereby the calls go unanswered
for many hours without her being remorseful, she
does not like you at all. If you are sensitive enough,
you can hear how irritated she is when she finally
picks up.

4. When she never visits

If you are wondering why she does not like visiting
you when you know clearly well that she will not
come over to your place, then it is most likely to be
because she cannot stand you.
Stop being petty and give her a break once you
notice this. If she is for you, then you can be sure
something will bring you two together. But until
then, respect yourself and park well.

5. When you hear her friends laughing at you when
you call her

For crying out loud, do not turn yourself to some dry
joke. If you ever hear her friends laughing at you
while it should have been a private discussion, just
take a chill pill.
So far you are not a comedian by profession, you
have to protect your integrity and move on to be
with someone who appreciates you. This is the
height; in addition to she not liking you, she wants
to mess with your integrity.

6. When she deliberately wants to waste your

Some ladies are mean; even though they have
made up their minds not to date you because they
do not like you, they will make it their duty to help
you squander your hard earned money.
They act as if they are on a mission to collect the
money your ancestors must have owed their own

If a Nigerian girl does not like you, she may pack
her friends along on a date and make you spend
more than your budget. You can bet she will still
turn you down after that. 

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