This Is Who A Freelancer Really Is

A freelancer or freelance worker is a term
commonly used for a person who is self-
employed and is not necessarily committed to a
particular employer long-term. Freelance
workers are sometimes represented by a
company or a temporary agency that resells
freelance labor to clients; others work
independently or use professional associations
or websites to get work. ” Independent
contractor ” would be the term used in a higher
register of English that designates the tax and
employment class of this type of worker, the
term freelancing is most common in culture and
creative industries and this term specifically
motions to participation therein.

With The Few details above, there is no doubt that I am a freelancer. I am self employed with my web design skills. You can contact me for your websites projects….

So, What About You? Are You Really a Freelancer??  

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