Change your Nigeria Phone Number to uk Number, very Easy

With power of technology u cn easily turn ur phone
nigeria phn number to uk number, wit some few
you cn get free uk number whc cn be program and
roamed to divert to any phone number.
This service is fr33 and no charge for the number

This is very helpful in ruducing calls charger, when
u gt uk number your love one in uk will only pay for
calling a uk number insted of paying for international
You cn gv out ur uk number to people to contact you
on, witout giving out your real number.


to get started go to either of these two website


While registering they will ask you to put your
phone number in a box given there, they will write
“234” in the box…… Just remove the first “0” from
your real phn number
e.g : your phn number is 08182350102 just remove
the first “0” and it will luk like this 2348182350102
then register
make sure you use your real phone number so that
when they call the uk number dat will be given 2 u it
will ring on ur real phn number.

After a succesfull registration your uk number will
be sent to the email adress u provid during
Then u will be ask to ACTIVATE it by a PIN & phone
number that will be given 2 u
The will ask u to call there HEADLINES NUMBER jst
pick up ur biro nd write down the PIN & HEADLINES
NUMBER given to u im a book
Then call there headline during d call they will ask u
to press the number given to u, jst PRESS IT , and
after dat they will ask u to press the PIN too,
PRESS IT, and they will tell u that ur uk number has

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