Samsung Note 7: Nigerians Refuse To Return Their Phones

Dealers in Nigeria have returned several unsold
Galaxy Note 7 phones and had their money
refunded. However, the buyers of the sold phones
have refused to return them to the dealers for
onward return to Samsung.

Although the Galaxy Note 7 phones had not been
officially released in Nigeria before the recall, some
dealers and customers had already purchased the
phone from other countries.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Samsung
Electronics West Africa had made provision for
dealers to safely package and return the phones to
the company due to fault it admitted.
Vincent Anago, a dealer in phones and accessories
at Banex plaza, said “dealers across the country
have been asked to return the Galaxy Note 7
phones which they have in stock.

“We have returned the ones we have and have
been refunded but we still haven’t had many of our
customers return the ones we sold them.”

Uche Okoro, a phone dealer, said that quite a
number of the phones had been returned to the
company but many Nigerians failed to oblige with
the request.

“We have been asked to return these phones
because of the malfunction which is hazardous but
it seems Nigerians are not worried about the

“Some of us were able to get these phones and
introduce them to the Nigerian market on time and
despite the high cost they sold well.

“We have had a few reported incidences of the
phone batteries heating up and leading to a fire and
we expected that more people will be convinced of
the danger the phone poses.

“We are still pleading with Nigerians to return these
phones for an exchange or refund and to take
advantage of the opportunity now because the
phones won’t be accepted after Samsung stops
requesting for them.”
Samsung had first called for the return and halting
of sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 products in
September due to the number of battery explosions
that were reported by consumers. 

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