Top Technology Blogs In Nigeria

Tech Blogs are becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria due to the fact that Technology is quickly developing in Nigeria. But there are some outstanding tech blogs worthy of your time and data that you might not know.

Today, I’ll list the best tech blogs in Nigeria in 2015 according to Alexa. That is, I scoured Alexa looking for the first ten tech websites owned by Nigerians. Without wasting your time further, here are the best tech blogs of 2015.

Best Tech Blogs In Nigeria
TechCabal is the biggest and best tech blog in Nigeria according to Alexa. With a global rank of 9062 and a Nigerian rank of 90, you can be sure that TechCabal is a major player in the industry.
TechPoint is up next with an Global rank of 18,036 and a Nigerian rank of 126. Techpoint is a major player when it comes to anything Tech Related in Nigeria.
Ogbongeblog is another popular tech website in Nigeria. Although it focuses more on AdSense related issues, it is still regarded as a tech blog. One could say that it is Nigeria’s lol. It has a global rank of 45,127 and a Nigerian rank of 292.
Another big name in Tech, NaijaTechGuide is the first Nigerian tech blog to drive more than 1 million naira in affiliate sales. That should tell you how big the site is. It is currently ranked 39,746 in the World and 298 in Nigeria. It focuses mostly on phone and gadget reviews.
Formerly, was rebranded into the massive website it is now. is currently ranked 60,082 in the world and 330 in Nigeria. is very popular among Nigerian students because it features a lot of free browsing posts on all network. It is also one of the most commented tech websites in Nigeria. It is currently ranked 94,458 in the world and 389 in Nigeria. Visit now for free browsing tweaks lol.
Nigeria’s first female tech blogger Tobi Ayeni launched MissTechy in 2014 and it has been receiving a lot of love from Nigerians. Unlike most female bloggers, Tobi broke away from the herd and tackled a male dominated industry and is succeeding. Misstechy is currently ranked 85,354 in the world and 398 in Nigeria.
I didn’t expect to see this website so high in the rankings honestly. But currently ranked 86,795 in the world and 424 in Nigeria, Techislet seems like a tech blog to watch out for.

Those are the highest ranking tech websites in Nigeria currently. Please if you discover that I made a mistake somewhere, do not hesitate to tell me so in the comment section. Add your favorite Tech Blogs below too.

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