Amazing Features Of Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank) Utility Card

About the GTBank Utility Card

* GTbank Prepaid Utility Card is an all-purpose card that can be used for ATM, POS and Web transactions.  The card is designed to provide ultimate convenience, flexibility and Security for customers to make purchases and payments anywhere in Nigeria and abroad.

* This card is unique from the existing Naira MasterCard in that it is issued instantly ( can be availed same day) and is also prepared so is not linked to an account ( customers have to load money onto the card account prior to use ). customers also have the option of requesting for a virtual Prepaid card which is also Linked to same card account.
* The prepaid nature if the card ensures that customers’ funds are safe, as the card is not linked to any primary account. Also, this gives customers control over their funds as they have the flexibility to load when they want to use the card to separate their transaction types.
* The GTbank Prepaid Utility Card is an all-purpose payment card that can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as :
* Utility bill payments
* purchases at supermarkets & shops
* Fuel purchases at filling stations
* ATM withdrawals and POS purchases in Nigeria and abroad
* Domestic and international Online purchases
* Customer have the option of requesting for the virtual prepaid Utility card for online purchases
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